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SORA has been working in the mechanical sector for almost 40 years, as a partner for tube and steel sheet outsourcing processing. It manufactures metal items in iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and Bundy tubes for various sectors. The company manages production in batches and series made to specification or according to samples.

Over the years, our company has specialised in the production of gas trains for domestic and professional ovens and has besides developed extensive knowledge of the automotive sector and the production of components for ancillary sectors to the agricultural, hydraulic and gardening fields.

Flexibility, versatile production and a drive for innovation allow us to supply tailor-made solutions, remaining competitive in order to meet the many needs of our clients.

We have become privileged suppliers to major industrial groups, and this has allowed us to grow and improve our knowledge and company organisation.



Processes & Machinery

Processed tube sections: round, square, rectangular and oval.

in the following materials:

Carbon steel
Stainless steel

Quality control


Specific intermediate or final quality controls; controls on incoming material.
Welding controls with dye penetrant inspections, tests and official documentation; specific tests according to our customers’ requirements are available through external laboratories.


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Head office and
main factory:
Via A. Simonini 1/3
42044 Gualtieri (RE)

Secondary factory:
Via G. Gasparini 1
42044 Santa Vitt. di Gualtieri (RE)



Opening times

Monday to Friday:
8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.