Sora Srl has been an expert in the high-quality metalworking sector for over 40 years.

Our expertise goes from cutting, bending, and shaping to welding.
Thanks to the professionalism of our operators and the use of advanced structures we can create tailor-made components for projects of different complexity in the automotive, agriculture, furniture, and hydraulics sectors and several other industrial fields

Choose reliability to achieve your goals.


Our cutting service allows us to obtain tubes and metal profiles of specific dimensions, brushed at the ends, and ready for subsequent processing. The cutting of tubulars can be performed using different methodologies depending on the needs.

Manual cutting is used for small-scale work, small batches, or projects that require special care. This methodology offers flexibility in handling pipes of different sizes and non-standard shapes.

Automatic cutting is used for large-scale production and offers many advantages in terms of efficiency and reproducibility. Our Twincut ADIGE BLM line uses a customized programming software that allows the optimal management of the cutting processes.


Our shaping service offers the possibility of deforming and shaping metal tubes using specialized techniques and dedicated equipment.

Through processes such as beading, widening, tapering, and tube rolling we are able to create complex shapes to meet the needs of our customers from different industrial sectors.

Our team has acquired an excellent knowledge of machinery and shaping techniques. We are able to guarantee high-quality results thanks to our consultancies aimed at defining the process in its details and designing, together with our suppliers, the necessary equipment.

By choosing our shaping service you can access customized and reliable solutions for your metal applications.


Our bending service offers the possibility of bending metal pipes of different profiles up to a diameter of 45 mm. We offer our equipment to allow our customers to carry out their projects.

Bending and welding processes are the areas in which the company has the most experience, representing the starting sector and the development point of our business.

By analyzing the projects submitted to us, we offer our best implementation solution, trying to optimize the process and, thus, the manufacturing costs.


Our welding service offers a complete range of solutions for metal assembly. With an approach that includes both manual and robotic welding.

The types of welding:

– MIG (Metal Inert Gas);
– MAG (Metal Active Gas);
– TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas);
– Brazing;
– Projection welding.

Robotic welding is suitable for the mass production of components and allows us to create a process with greater quality and reproducibility, guaranteeing maximum attention to detail.

Controls and quality

Our search for quality guides our process of continuous improvement, with which we set the goal of being increasingly efficient and effective in satisfying the needs of our customers.

Our quality system consists of dimensional and qualitative controls of the incoming raw material, control templates, absolute compliance with production tolerances, and internal reports recording measurements during the final control phase.

Upon request, we can provide customized control and verification solutions with specific frequencies both during the production phase and before each shipment. Together with the customer, we can analyze their product FMEA and study the related process FMEA.

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